Collection: Pink Safari


I discovered my deep love for the African continent, its many fascinating cultures, breath-taking nature and wildlife during a year-long journey through eleven countries of Southern and East Africa. I visited more than fifty nature reserves and national parks during this time and fell in love with the majestic animals I was surrounded by.

My wildlife art is a reflection of my personal experiences; I try to capture the spirit and emotion of each subject in my artwork by creating my very own bright and vibrant interpretation of what I saw.

The first five artworks of this collection will consist of the so called “Big Five” African game animals which are: the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros.

The term “Big Five” was coined by big-game hunters and refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot. They are among the most dangerous, yet most popular species for big-game hunters to hunt. They were named for the difficulty in hunting them and the degree of danger involved, rather than their size.
As I personally condemn the practice of big-game hunting as cruel and abusive toward our environment, my art raises awareness of these majestic and endangered species. Wildlife should not be removed from its natural habitat. It should be enjoyed in the form of art on a canvas as opposed to being stuffed and mounted on a wall.

Apart from being inspired by my personal experiences with these animals, my paintings of the “Big Five” were also influenced by economic circumstances: When I relocated to South Africa in 2006, one US Dollar equalled around seven South African Rand. Throughout the last decade the value of the South African Rand decreased until it reached a record low last year with ZAR 16.00 to USD 1.00 meaning that during the time I have been living in Cape Town, the currency has lost more than half of its value, thus making life as an artist in South Africa even harder than it already was.
Each South African Rand banknote features a different Big Five animal on each denomination with the rhinoceros being on the back of the ZAR 10 banknote, the elephant on the ZAR 20 banknote, the lion on the ZAR 50, the buffalo on the ZAR 100, and the leopard on the ZAR 200. It becomes obvious why the leopard is my favourite of the five and usually the rarest in my wallet. J

So far, my work consisted mainly of commissioned portrait art while the Pink Safari wildlife collection will be my first independent series of artworks since I started my art career in 2014.

I am hopeful to successfully establish myself in the international art industry by presenting you my art along with my story and a colourful dash of Africa.


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